Friday, January 23, 2015

G-T Learning Walk

Student designed and built computer! 
A self-directed learning project. 
What a great Titan's 
J.A.M. Artifact!
(Journey of Academic Mastery) 

Discussion on soil in our Agriculture Department. 
Did you know Iowa's has some 
of the best farmland in the nation, 
perhaps the world? Students and Mrs. Graham discussing WHY.

Metals class with Mr. Hough - working on a go cart lift.

 The other Mr. Hough's P.E. class 
in a competitive game of broom ball.

Students discussing the idea of norms
and laws in Mr. Fulton's Sociology class.

Algebra students practicing for a quiz over finding unknowns.
Each student has a white board to practice the equations 
before going over them as a class. 

Students in Mr. Quinn's Graphic Design class 
working on connecting the alphabet with images.

Mr. Quinn demonstrating drawing techniques for portraits.